Bringing together the best in industry with local resources to manufacture medical devices in Ethiopia. 

As a leading provider of locally manufactured medical devices, we take pride in our products and company. We are dedicated to serving the needs of physicians and patients by ensuring only the highest quality devices are sold. We comply with United States Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and International Standards Organization (ISO) regulations for design and manufacture of products.

We partner with US and Ethiopian physicians, nurses, and health care workers to develop the "right" medical devices. 

We are currently developing an Ambu bag and mask for basic resuscitation of new borns. 

20 - 30% of newborn lives can be saved every year 


Patient safety starts with proper design and development.

It continues with thorough testing to established regulations.

It is ensured with quality, consistent manufacturing.

About Us

The founders of Echelon have over 15 years of medical device experience working in the US and Europe. In addition all have advanced degrees in Engineering or Public Health. We know what it takes to make safe and reliable medical devices.